Plan of procedures

BRAHMS is a screening study in which participants took part in blood pressure and cholesterol level screenings. It is a longitudinal study which took place in Berlin, Germany. Two waves of measurement were conducted with an interval of about six months between them. Measurements took place in 1994. At each wave of measurement, participants completed the following procedure. While the first two questionnaires were filled in at the site of the study, the third questionnaire was filled in at home and sent back to the researchers by mail. Additionally, a control group who did not take part in the actual screening was included. station 1: welcome, briefing, handing out material. station 2: first questionnaire. station 3: height and weight measurement. station 4: measurement of blood pressure, individual feedback. station 5: measurement of cholesterol, individual feedback. station 6: second questionnaire. station 7: individual counseling, information leaflet, invitation to wave2, third questionnaire, debriefing, leave-taking